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Bond cleaning is highly important when moving out. As mentioned above, Cheap Bond Cleaning Adelaide lessens the chances of your landlords filing complaints against your bond while ensuring that everything is perfectly fit for new occupants to live in., we are absolutely dedicated towards providing the best and most inexpensive End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide. We aim to serve every citizen in the city and provide world-class cleaning services to them.    

When you hire expert professionals from Bond Cleaning Adelaide, you will get the benefit of great experience and skill at a very low cost. Our expert staff members have completed 3000+ bond cleaning projects, provided at least 1,200 carpet cleaning services. In addition to that, we have also completed a total of 800 hourly cleaning projects over years of service. Such impressive experience allows our team to develop the best possible plan for your rented space and offer cleaning services that are absolutely unparalleled.

Our team loves leaving customers happy and fulfilled after their project is completed. They are highly dedicated and leave no stone unturned to provide the best bond cleaning services to customers. While we do charge much less than the common cost of end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, we do not compromise with quality and ensure that you only receive the finest services.

Our service booking process is very simple and easy to understand. You can start by getting a free quote from our website after filling up the provided form and submitting it. We offer amazing discounts and concessions on our services that you can just not miss. Hurry! Book a service with us today!


When people rent a house, there is much more that they sign-up for than just a beautiful place to live in. Not only are tenants supposed to ensure that the rented property remains free of damage during the lease but also make sure that the place is left absolutely spotless and fit at the time of moving out. Bond cleaning is also known as end of lease cleaning by many. The process involves a collection of multiple intense cleaning practices that include deep cleaning of floors, walls, wardrobes, furnishings, upholstery, curtains or blinds, bathrooms, outdoors and more along with other procedures like deodorizing, sanitizing, degreasing, etc.

Although end of lease cleaning may seem too easy a task to appoint professional cleaners for, it actually is something that only experts can do well. Bond cleaning requires intricate analysis and intense cleaning done under skilled and knowledgeable hands. Professional help is also necessary because of the legal guidelines and requirements of bond cleaning. If the rented property’s current condition does not satisfy your real estate agent, they might file a claim against your lease and cause you unnecessary loss of time and money. If you hire talented and experienced bond cleaners from Cheap Bond Cleaning Adelaide, you will be able to focus on moving out while our team will ensure that your rented space receives stupendous end of lease cleaning leaving zero chances of any claims or complaints being made against your lease contract.

We offer cheap bond cleaning services that offer high-quality results. Plus our cleaners are professionally trained and ensure that the services are provided on time. So, book services with us today at attractive offer prices and receive the best end of lease cleaning Adelaide.

We Cover the Below Check Points


  • Air Conditioner Filters
  • Internal windows, sills, and tracks
  • Vacuum/Mop Floors
  • Ceiling fans and remove cobwebs
  • Light switches, Power points, doors and Skirting Boards
  • Light fittings and remove any dead bugs
  • Wardrobe walls, shelves, and doors
  • Scuff marks on high traffic areas near power points.


  • Exhaust fan and filters
  • Mirrors
  • Light switches, Power point, doors
  • Light fittings remove any dead bugs
  • Vacuum and Mop Floors
  • Shower screen and tiles (discoloured grout is not guaranteed)
  • Scuff marks on high traffic areas near power points Wipe and disinfect toilet
  • Bathtub wiped and disinfected Clean windows, sills, and tracks.


  • Sink
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Skirting boards
  • Wipe down kitchen bench tops
  • Ceiling fans and remove cobwebs
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wipe down range hood and cooktop
  • Wipe down dishwasher it's extra dirty additional charges may apply
  • Internal windows, sills, and tracks
  • Inside/outside all Kitchen cupboards
  • Scuff marks near power points
  • Light fittings and remove any dead bugs

Lounge/ Dining Room

  • Vacuum and Mop floors
  • Internal windows, sills, and tracks
  • Scuff marks near power points
  • Light switches, light switches, door and skirting boards
  • Air conditioner filters
  • Ceiling fans and remove the cobweb
  • Light fittings and remove any dead bugs


  • Ceiling fans and remove cobwebs
  • Internal windows, sills, and tracks
  • Light fittings, remove any dead bugs
  • Sink and cupboards
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Vacuum and mop floors

Additional Services

Please Note

We can only use up to 3 step ladder to clean ceiling fan and light fittings.

  • Garage
  • Sweep the garage

More Services That We Offer

Expert Carpet Cleaning

We provide excellent cleaning services for carpets as well as carpeted floors. We use the best, approved and environment-friendly cleaning agents that are safe for humans. We offer carpet stain removal, carpet steam cleaning, carpet deodorizing, carpet sanitization and other services.

Hourly Cleaning Services

Our professional staff is highly trained and skilled in providing hourly cleaning services that are ideal when you are short on time and need expert, quick cleaning of your home. They are highly disciplined and are capable of finishing tasks at the earliest


Nothing But Top Quality Services

There are many perks of getting End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide from our company:

Certain Results

Our expert cleaning team will ensure that you are free of worries or stress regarding bond cleaning of your rented home. We guarantee services that will make the property ready for new occupants.

High-Quality Services

We are passionate about providing the best and highest quality services to our customer. We intend to provide top-notch yet cheap Bond Cleaning Adelaide citizens deserve to get.

Quick Response

Our staff is expert and high disciplined to conduct high grade bond cleaning services at a fast pace and finish projects on time.

Licensed And Highly Trained Staff

Our staff members are professional and trained to offer fine cleaning services. In addition to that, we use eco-friendly, safe and naturally made cleaning products.


We have certified cleaning experts in Adelaide city. Our cleaners are fully trained and certified in Bond Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Hourly Cleaning Services. We are here to give painless cleaning services at your doorstep.

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